Professional Translation Services

Here you will find all the services available:
Traducción Jurada de documentos oficiales

Sworn Translation

Certificates, diplomas, tax returns, lawsuits...

To translate any official document, such as a certificate or diploma, you need your translation to be sworn by an official translator with his/her official stamp and signature.

You can check the official list of Sworn Translators and Interpreters appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation by clicking here.

Further Professional Translation Services available:

Traducción profesional de general: documentos, webs, etc

General Translation

Educational or promotional texts, résumés, websites...

Any kind of non-specialised text that you wish to translate. For instance, informative or advertising texts, but also your CV or your company’s website, for example. 

We can translate anything you need!

Traducción profesional especializada: medicina, tecnología, etc.

Specialised Translation

Texts on medicine, technology, economics, law...

These are more delicate texts or focused on a specific area, for which we hire translators with expertise in these fields.

Choose quality translations!

Traducción profesional para empresas

Marketing Translation or Transcreation

A brand slogan or the presentation of your company in another language.

If you’ve been struggling to come up with a slogan and now you want to translate your website, but still cause the same impact you get with the original, we can translate your brand’s slogan into the language and culture you need. If you need, for example, to translate social media content, we can help you too.

Te ayudamos corrigiendo cualquier texto que necesites


Papers, books, manuals, proofreading of machine translations, newsletters...

Do you need to be sure that your text is absolutely flawless? We proofread your university papers for you, your business projects, handbooks, machine translations, letters of recommendation… Get a professional translation or proofreading to cross borders and make sure everyone understands you.

Other services available:

Te ayudamos con la localización de audiovisuales


Videogames, apps or software

With a professional, native-level translation, you can easily adapt your texts from one culture to another.Localisation includes, in addition to the linguistic level, the socio-cultural level of the target language. This results in a more natural and relatable text.

Transcribimos vídeos o audios que necesites


Video or sound files

We write as text any audio or video file you need, e.g. for subtitling, to present as evidence in legal proceedings, and much more.

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